Saturday, November 20, 2010

SBS BPA(best practice analyser ) does not update


Have you ever used the SBS best practice analyser from Microsoft. If you have , you must be impressed with the depth it reached. It runs a few WMI queries to get you results that may astonish you.But there is a slight flaw with this program.

You may have observed that you ran the BPA and it showed some error , you tried your best to fix it and there is no other way to tackle the issue.However , the BPA is still showing that error.

The BPA goes through the event viewer for the last 24 hours, so its bound to pick up errors that you may have resolved.This just stumps a lot of people , and they ridicule the BPA before a second thought.

From here on , don't ridicule the BPA. understand why its behaving the way it shouldn't. If its shows the error you resolved and you need to show your adamant boss that the BPA shows no errors , you need to go ahead and clear the event logs or just let him know that the BPA will  not show the errors after 24 hours.

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