Friday, November 26, 2010

License Issue: Clients unable to login to OWA



Descriptions of the problem:

Clients unable to login to OWA from inside or outside the domain.

Issue with all clients. Some clients have issues logging into the network.



Licenses were not available to users, the licenses issue was caused by low free disk space on c:\.

The authentication on Virtual directories in default website related to OWA was incorrect


Solutions :

Get error that username and password is incorrect when logging to OWA.

Also receive this warning on licenses issue.


The server was working fine and users were able to login normally few hours back the licenses should have been fine

Checked the licenses under licensing in server management.

Installed licesnses : 5

Maximum Usage : 1


Checked the disk space available


Total Size : 12 Gb

Free space: 117Mb


To retrieve licenses

1. Stopped the license logging service

2. Browse to c:\windows\system32

3. Renamed

4. à

5. à

6. Started license logging service

7. Went back to licensing in server management and saw that the licenses reappeared


To create space in c:\ moved the following files to a new folder under d:\

1. W3SVC1 folder which contains log files for IIS default website.

2. Downloaded updates

3. Drivers

Created 1.67 Gb of space.

Users still cannot login to OWA

1. Opened IIS console

2. Under default web site and OWA virtual directory, found that the authentication was incorrect.

3. Set it to default

virtual directory

Enable Anonymous Access

integrated authentication

Basic authentication

SSL required



Default Website










4. Users able to login to OWA and network


Note : Product ID for windows SBS 2003 server is 74995-xxxxx-xxxx

If the server is OEM , you will see 74995-oem-xxxx

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